Divorce in Louisville

While we all head into matrimony with the idea of long time wedded bliss, the picture can look very different a few years down. With over half of all Louisville marriages ending in divorce, it is amazing anyone manages to get through life without a good divorce attorney in their hip pocket. But just in case you don't have one yet, here are some divorce tips you can take to heart.

Commonsense Divorce Tips

Keep Good Records

You will need to make sure you have all your records, including credit applications and all financial records. These will be vital for any divorce proceedings. This includes any debts you have that are shared as well as assets acquired together during the marriage.

Cancel Shared Accounts

Make sure to protect yourself by cancelling all shared credit card accounts, checking accounts, and savings accounts. If the divorce judge grants responsibility for some of the credit card debt payments to your ex-spouse, keep track of the proceedings.

Change Beneficiary Details

You may want to change your beneficiary in your will and insurance policies. While you are at this, be sure to work out between you both and the kids who owns what if anything happens to one of you, otherwise your spouse could unintentionally get everything.

Take The Right Steps

All of these items are simply about taking the time to take inventory of what your shared life looked like before the divorce. Before heading out for the lawyer, try to settle as much of this between you as you can. The less your divorce attorney has to do, the cheaper it will be for both of you.